Welcome to The Cavern.

Hello, I go by Rat (he/him). This is my humble abode, my place to put whatever my heart desires. I may talk about computer science, video games, board games, tabletop roleplaying games, being a furry, being queer, or whatever I feel like rambling about. I also may talk about none of those things. Updates may be slow, I'm busy but I quite like web development so I think I'll be here for the long run.

You can follow my neocities profile to see when my website updates, or leave a comment if you desire.

as per usual, I push out a website update and then go back and add something or fix bugs as soon as it goes out. Well, hope you all like the new site layout! I'm probably deleting this line once the next update comes out. and by god do I need to start updating via command line

To do later (if you're seeing this I was too lazy to remove it):

  • media pages, make them cool buttons? can lead to blank pages for now. maybe every page needs cool buttons
  • maybe add art to the creation section
  • make the sitemap prettier if you can figure out how to make it look good
  • page titles
  • rat favicon
  • finish writing this intro
  • save old layout in folder called v1; maybe if you have time after pushing out this update you can make it accessible to visitors. keep it saved on a file on your pc so nobody tries to cheat and access the folder by editing the url

To do later later (I'm also too lazy to write these down elsewhere):

  • future blogposts: favorite chill games (stardew, anch, dorfromantik, wilmots warehouse, etc come to mind), opinions on every pokemon starter evolution line
  • omori shrines: basil, sunny, capt spaceboy