Febuary 5th, 2023


Hey everyone! I was surprised to see that people actually read my last blogpost, and someone even commented on my neocities profile! That was a good mix of exciting and absolutely terrifying, but I'm glad at least someone is out there, reading these. You should totally comment if you're reading this btw, it honestly means the world and I want more webdev and programmer friends lmao

Anyways, I've been a busy guy lately. I definitely lost a bit of steam as far as making this website goes, but it's one of the first projects that I actually really enjoyed and want to keep doing, it's just that I've got other stuff I'm busy with right now. I'm trying really hard in school and I have a social life to maintain, and I might even be starting more coding projects if you wanna stay tuned for that winky face winky face

As far as this website goes, I totally have more stuff planned and I still absolutely want to overhaul it, I am again just busy. I think I was a bit hard on myself in my last post, as the site looks pretty alright, I just want it to be a little more yknow? The thing is pretty bare, not much content, I've not even finished drawing the banners. I should commission someone to do those, but also I like how my shitty little ms paint art looks. It's me. I made it with my own two paws, and a mouse. I started making this website when I had a very basic understanding of python, minimal CSS, and a small handful of HTML under my belt. It's not much, but I'm picking up more skills and I'm only going to get more and more into programming the more time passes, so I think this is gonna become my future hub for all my stuff. All my art, my blogposts, maybe some unfiltered thoughts, and most importantly all the cool programs I'll eventually write someday. Social media free, baby. I wish. I'm not a big fan of most social media, alike many of the people on the indieweb I think. Maybe I'll write a future blogpost about it, I have some thoughts and opinions I've not really seen anyone else state yet. I also don't think I should promise that I'll put all my stuff on here cause I struggle with putting my stuff out there, I'm a pretty private person as far as those things go.

I don't actually plan my posts, or anything really, I just let my brain do it's thing and go where it wants to go. I'm not sure how other people write stuff, I guess everyone does what I do at least a little bit. Writing feels weird to me though, I've never written fiction and I don't particurally like sitting down and writing my english essays, but when I do like what I'm writing I get so into it. Like I waste hours on end just sitting and typing and I don't even notice it. I liked writing my last blog and I like writing this one, and I just had the thought of writing an about me page which I'll put in my notes so I don't forget, so I think I'm gonna keep writing these. I hope I can get stuff out more often but I think monthly is an okay goal for now.

I wanted to write a little about stardew valley a bit, but I'm getting sleepy and I think that needs to be its own blogpost. I'll even link all the mods I have installed n stuff. I might even just turn that into a list of chill games I really like, throw animal crossing on there, stuff like Dorfromantik too, or Wilmot's Warehouse. I looove indie games. I also gotta get to playing rpgs with my friends so I can write about them, but we're all busy. Mainly I want to play Wanderhome, still want to play MORK BORG, maybe even a D&D campaign again (even with all my spicy hot takes against the game). Man, another blog post to do. If you guys have any game reccomendations btw, I'd love to hear them. I was a big Nintendo baby but I've played on PC mostly for the last few years, recently got back into the swing of things with my switch again. I also like board games but those have some hurdles as I not only don't have friends that are into them, it's a bit harder to avoid paying money somehow with physical media, as all that material costs money. Yar har fiddle yer D or something, when it comes to video games (for legal reasons I'm not advocating for piracy or saying I pirate things). Support the devs when you can, especially indie devs.

So I think my plan of action is to edit the CSS of this site and make it all pretty, and then write some blogposts and probably do the blogposts first because I have more fun doing them (even though I tell myself I need to do the CSS). One of my friends also told me awhile back to add a chatroom or comments, so I'll do that too. Hello mister, if you know who you are. I feel a little silly having not written anything that sounds actually interesting to put in the title that could make anyone want to read this, but if any of you got this far, I'm glad you did! Thank you so much for reading, I promise next time will have something actually worth your attention, maybe. I don't think promises count if I follow it up with "maybe", I'm using that as a scapegoat, but I'll try to write about cooler stuff at least

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